Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply Gym Safe on the equipments?

  • 1. Use Gym Safe before using every gym equipment. Firstly, take off the cap of the bottle.
    2. Shake the bottle thoroughly.
    3. Hold the sanitizer spray can at least 3-4 inches from the equipment.
    4. Wait for five seconds for sanitization to begin.
    5. The disinfected equipment is ready to use.

  • How is Gym Safe different from other similar products?

  • Gym Safe is a specialised gym sanitizer spray which protects from germs within seconds. Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to carry around the gym. Unlike other sanitizer sprays, Gym Safe evaporates within 5-7 seconds leaving no residue behind. There is no better defence against germs and bacteria than using Gym Safe.

  • What diseases can I get from dirty gym equipment?

  • Gym harbour germs and diseases which are communicable and can affect your health as well as wellbeing. Cold, flu, Skin infections, Intestinal infections, rashes are some of the common diseases you can catch through repeated use of gym equipment.

  • Why do I need to use Gym Safe?

  • Gym Safe protects you from germs and bacteria which thrive in the gym. Each equipment in a gym is used by many people every day and not many maintain hygiene standards. To ensure your health and safety, apply Gym Safe before using every equipment and remain disease free at the gym.

  • Is gym equipments dirtier than toilet seat?

  • Yes, studies conducted on gym equipment have revealed than most equipment do harbour germs which could make you very sick. On average your treadmill, free weights as well as exercise bike have many times more bacteria than your toilet seat. It is best to sanitize each equipment and use your own kit during each workout session.

  • How Does the Gym Safe Help Exercisers?

  • Gym Safe can be applied to gym equipment of all kinds, not just weights. Whether you wish to workout using the treadmill, the exercise bike or even the crossover, it is recommended you use Gym Safe on each and every equipment to remain healthy and protected. Sweat and other body fluids can be anywhere allowing bacteria to thrive

  • What is the quantity of Gym Safe I should apply on my gym equipment?

  • Apply enough liquid of the product to cover all the surfaces in contact with your hands. Wait for five seconds for the equipment to dry up before use.

  • What are the benefits of using Gym Safe?

  • Gyms harbour disease causing bacteria as well as viruses. Gym Safe protects you from flus, coughs, cold and other diseases by removing bacteria before you come in contact with them. It cleans, sanitises and deodorizes equipment before every use. Use gym safe for a germ-free workout.

  • Do you have a COD option?

  • Currently COD option is not available on this product.

  • Is Gym Safe easy to travel/carry around?

  • Gym Safe comes with a durable bottle with a sleek design. It is easy to carry. It is permissible in hand luggage in aircrafts or any other transport and used effectively at travel destinations.

  • Where can I buy Gym Safe?

  • You can currently buy this on our website, It is also available on other e-retail stores like Amazon, Shopclues, Homeshop18, Snapdeal, Healthgenie, Healthvistas, Homecheck Angoor & Healthkart and physical stores like Apollo Pharmacy, LeMarche, Needs Supermarket, Ratnadeep Supermarket & La Lingerie.

  • Does my gym equipment harbour germs?

  • Gyms are breeding grounds for germs as people release sweat at an alarming rate. The gym, being an indoor establishment, makes it easier for people to catch illnesses and communicable diseases. You need to stay protected at all times.

  • How often should I reapply Gym Safe?

  • Apply gym Safe before using any equipment. If you tend to sweat more than usual particularly during summers, we advise you to reapply it before every set.

  • How long does it take for the sanitization to occur?

  • This sanitizer spray is an effective IPA formulation that starts sanitizing the area within 5 seconds of application. You must wait for five seconds for sanitization to start.

  • What is the quantity of the bottle and how much does it cost?

  • Gym Safe is available in a 40ml bottle priced at INR 150 only

  • What should I do to remain germ free at the gym?

  • It is a well-known fact that gyms serve as harbours of bacteria, viruses and illnesses. With so many people sweating it out at hard training sessions, the exchange of body fluids is realistically possible. Keep your training gear neat and clean. Use a personal water bottle and towel. Most importantly, don’t go to the gym if you are not feeling well.


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